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American Institute of Banking (AIB)

The American Institute of Banking (AIB) is a venerable educational and training institution for the United States based banking industry which was established by the American Bankers Association (ABA) back in 1907.

This AIB offers continuing training and a full range of banking career education for parties who are interested in the banking field or who are already participants within it. Over 150,000 existing bankers take part in their extensive range of continuing educational programs every year. As such, the AIB is the definitive and universally recognized continuing education curriculum for those within the fields of financial services.

American Institute of Banking programs were created to boost, refresh, and improve the job skills and knowledge base of those working in or seeking to work within the financial services industry. Completing some of these degreed programs can provide a path to AIB certificates and even diplomas which are universally recognized within the banking realm. They can also help with obtaining required professional licenses.

These programs encompass more than the traditional open enrollment programs provided throughout all of the various states. The AIB of today also offers convenient digital format purchase of its services and products, training provided in-house and Internet-based provision of online classes and coursework, tests, and study teams classes. These are only a few of the many options for its in-depth and extensive industry-wide programs.

The American Institute of Banking falls under the umbrella of the founder American Bankers Association. This means that all AIB programs and courses are provided through the local area branches of the ABA and its providers. Among its many classes and programs are core courses in such fields as business fundamentals; general banking; consumer, commercial, and mortgage lending; retail banking; asset management; compliance issues; and marketing.

In-bank branch training utilizes instructions and resources to offer specifically tailored delivery of the various ABA training regimens within a banker’s own branch. It might also be offered off site in the immediate area, depending on demand.

In recent years, the American Institute of Banking has moved aggressively into the digital age with its instructional offerings. Thanks to this decision, they now offer Internet-based online versions of their best selling, traditional instructor-driven AIB courses. They provide extensive information, schedules, and enrollment forms for this mode of education on their website.

The American Institute of Banking offers certificate programs which it tailored to help participants boost their knowledge of and performance in banking utilizing course curriculum which has been bank tested for a specific bank focus. These courses run the gamut across a variety of skill sets and content and each complement the other. Certificate-driven courses are shorter in length and typically run from one to three weeks in total duration.

The American Institute of Banking also provides full-scale banking diplomas. These are awarded for successfully completing both required and elective option courses. Courses which provide at least two hours of credit award traditional grade levels of A, B, C, or D. In order for courses to count towards one of the AIB diplomas, students must receive a C or higher overall average. One course can be utilized towards one or multiple certificates or diplomas.

The ABA has recently decided to roll up the separately branded AIB into its own proprietary programs. All American Institute of Banking courses are now provided as a division of ABA Training. These courses, whether offered in person or online, generally meet the requirements mandated by the ICB Institute of Certified Bankers for continuing education credits and appropriate exams. The ABA online training was designed specifically to be cost affordable and flexible. This is why they aim to constantly update the information and learning experienced which is now able to be accessed at any time, from any place.

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