Who is Citigroup?

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By number of countries and territories in which it operates as well as raw numbers of customers, Citigroup is the largest global bank. The United States based banking giant offers a substantial variety of financial products and services to its 100 million individual, corporate, institutional, and government customers around the world. The bank maintains a presence in more than 100 countries and territories throughout the globe. It operates in two primary groups of the Global Consumer Bank and the Institutional Clients Group.

Citigroup’s Global Consumer Bank offers services throughout the most rapidly expanding cities in 24 different countries around the world. This group boasts over 100 million individual customers. Within the Global Consumer Bank (GCB), Citi runs four geographically based business lines in their four regions of North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe/Middle East/Africa.

These are Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Retail Services, and Branded Credit Cards. The Citi GCB boasts over a century of well-respected market leadership and brand recognition throughout areas such as the United States, Mexico, and Asia. It is focused on expanding its high credit profiled customer base utilizing its global abilities and reach.

The Institutional Clients Group operates in over 100 countries. It is here that Citigroup is able to assist multinational corporations in expanding, hiring, providing services, and delivering products. Citi proudly offers finance capabilities and support to not only companies, but also governments at every level. It assists them not only in funding their daily operations, but also in creating sustainable transportation, housing, infrastructure, schools, and other key public works and services.

Institutional investors are able to maximize the depth of product offerings and global footprint to reach into both local and international markets. Citigroup boasts an impressive history of financing among the most transforming projects in the world during the last two centuries. They remain devoted to supporting expansion and creative innovation around the world today with cash management, lending, and advisory services.

The Citigroup ICG maintains trading floors in over 80 nations, as well as custody and clearing networks in more than 60 countries and has connections via 400 different clearing systems. This means that Citi proudly controls among the biggest global financial facilities and infrastructure platforms. These help it to facilitate the movement of a daily average of more than $3 trillion in global monetary flows.

The ICG Group if Citigroup operates six primary businesses. Citi’s Capital Markets Origination business concentrates on raising capital for their institutional clients. This includes cross border issues, transactions, and exchanges.

The Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking business delivers complete relationship coverage and service utilizing product, sector, and nation expertise to provide their worldwide abilities to clients in whichever market they wish to have a competitive presence. They organize these teams by country and industry. Every team is comprised of the two parts. Strategic Coverage Officers provides for merger and acquisition and equity financing activities. Corporate Bankers work with the Global Subsidiaries Group and Citi Capital Markets in order to help provide finance and banking services to local, national, regional, and global customers.

Citi’s Markets and Securities Services business delivers world-leading financial services and products to its thousands of institutions, investors, corporations, and government clients. It covers an impressive array of asset classes, sectors, currencies, and products. Among these products are commodities, equities, futures, credit, emerging markets, foreign exchange, G10 rates, prime finance, municipals, and securitized markets.

The Citigroup Global Private Bank business is a world leader. They have 800 private bankers residing in 16 countries at 51 individual offices who provide dependable advice to members of the most successful families and influential private individuals on earth.

Finally, the Citigroup Treasury and Trade Solutions, or TTS, business delivers trade finance and seamless cash management services to Citi’s wide range of financial institutions, multinational corporations, and public sector outfits throughout the world. These services include receivables, payments, investment services, liquidity management services, commercial card programs, working capital solutions, and trade finance.

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The term 'Citigroup' is included in the Banking edition of the Herold Financial Dictionary, which you can get from Amazon in Ebook or Paperback edition.