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Dow Jones

Dow Jones is an international and American news company based in the United States. Wall Street Journal co-editor Charles Dow and Edward Jones co-founded the company with fellow reporter Charles Bergstresser back in 1882. The independent history of Dow Jones & Company continued under the Bancroft Family from the 1920s all the way until 2007. At this point, an extensive takeover struggle ensued. In the end, News Corp. took over the company which it has owned and run as a subsidiary since 2007.

The company had been most famous for its continuous publication of stock market indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Dow Jones Transportation Average. Besides this, it publishes a number of important financial publications such as its flagship product The Wall Street Journal along with Market Watch, Barron’s, Financial News, and Factiva. It has run the Dow Jones Newswire service for decades. This is one of the biggest and most prestigious newswire services in the world.

The Wall Street Journal continues to be a leading daily newspaper that the company publishes in both print and online editions. It covers financial, business, international, and national news and topics throughout the world. They started publishing this gold standard of newspapers on July 8th, 1889.

Today there are 12 different versions of it they produce in nine separate languages. These include English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, and Bahasa. The Journal has won 35 Pulitzer Prizes for its excellent and world leading journalism.

In 2010, News Corp. sold off the Dow Jones Indexes subsidiary. The CME Group bought it and continues running it. Since then, the company has concentrated its efforts on its publications of financial news and on delivering information and financial news and tools to companies involved in finance.

The company continues its efforts in the arena of publishing and data provision today. It calls itself the ultimate source for business data and news. The company boasts journalism that continues to be award winning, cutting edged technology, and sophisticated data capabilities. They combine these in order to provide news and financial tools and insights that move the world financial markets. Their efforts also help key players to make crucial decisions and major companies and individuals to run their businesses.

The company has expanded from its humble roots as niche news agency provider in a basement on Wall Street to become the global powerhouse of information and news that it is now. It claims that the reason for its success and long lasting appeal comes from a combination of factors. These include their constant commitment to accuracy, innovation and depth, and years of experience. It helps them to keep their efforts firmly focused on their future endeavors.

Dow Jones today calls itself the modern day portal to intelligence. They have state of the art data and information feeds. Their research is performed by experts in the field. The firm utilizes leading and creative technologies and solutions that are fully integrated. Their staff reporters practice journalism that consistently wins awards.

The company’s delivery systems and apps can be fully customized to work on a variety of platforms. This helps them to get the important financial and news information gathered, written, and published. Thanks to their leading technologies, they can get it to their customers wherever they are and whenever they require it.

The Dow indices continue to be benchmarks for the overall stock market as a whole. The DJIA includes the thirty leading companies that represent the major U.S. based enterprises. These are no longer primarily industrial in nature as they were when Charles Dow and Edward Jones put their names on them.

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