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Experian is one of the three main credit reporting bureaus in the United States. As such it maintains a credit report, history, and FICO score on all adult Americans. The company does so much more than this most commonly understood function.

The company is also an international leader for global business and consumer credit reporting as well as marketing services. Experian is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and is based on the London Stock Exchange where it is a member of Britain’s FTSE 100 stock index. The company has customers in over 80 countries of the world and maintains offices and employees in 37 countries. Besides its Dublin base, Experian has operations headquarters found in Nottingham in the United Kingdom, California in the United States, and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Experian serves as the corporate leader in global information services. The company received the 2015 honor of “World’s Most Innovative Companies” from Forbes magazine for being among the leaders in driving improvements and change.

They deliver analytical tools and data to their clients found all over the world. The company helps businesses to prevent fraud, to manage their credit risk, to automate functions of decision making, and to specifically target marketing offers.

Experian also assists individuals with information and security needs. They aid individuals in checking out their credit reports and credit scores through copies that they can purchase and download directly over the Internet. They help people to safeguard themselves against the very real dangers of identity theft with credit report monitoring services. The company also provides a great source of information for education that is both hands on and interactive. This education helps both marketing personnel and credit professionals along with individual consumers.

Experian prides itself on its analytic and data services. They are in the business of assisting businesses and individuals with managing, protecting, and optimally using their data. They offer a number of different services to help people to do this effectively.

Their Experian Credit Tracker product gives consumers their FICO score, Experian credit report, and a credit monitoring service that comes with fraud alerts. They also staff a dedicated support team for fraud resolution when individuals become victims of identity theft. Help with identity theft or credit fraud is an area that is critical to consumers when they become victims.

Consumers can also choose from their higher level Experian Protect My ID service. This gives individuals an Experian credit report, 3 bureau credit monitoring services and alerts, daily checking of ID via Internet scanning, and access to their dedicated support for fraud resolution.

Experian provides a higher level view of individuals’ credit reports and scores also. Their 3 Bureau Credit Report and FICO Scores service delivers copies of the person’s credit report and FICO score for Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. They also sell just their own credit report and FICO score for a lower price.

Experian offers even more services to its big business customers. Among their business product offerings are customer acquisition, customer management, fraud management, risk management, debt recovery, consulting services, regulatory compliance, and thought leadership. In customer acquisition, the company offers direct mail tools and big data analytics.

For risk management they verify applicants’ identities and backgrounds. Experian can manage data breaches and prevent money laundering as part of their fraud management offerings. Debt recovery services include locating debtors and managing collection efforts. Among their consulting services are strategy, product, and fraud consulting areas.

Small business customers also have a variety of services offered to them by Experian. These include help with business and consumer credit, marketing and managing the business, and collecting debt.

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