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S&P Global Market Intelligence

S&P Global Market Intelligence is the new name for the once independent financial and news service provider SNL Financial. This outfit is now one of several divisions of S&P Global. The purpose of all of the work done at S&P Global Market Intelligence is to put its myriads of high quality data to best use. Customers are able to access massive amounts of financial data and market data which has been compiled from literally millions of sources. This is then delivered in milliseconds to clients upon demand via their computers, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices.

S&P Global Market Intelligence allows its clients to increase the power and knowledge of their investment processes. They can do this by utilizing a total insight through fixed income, equities, mutual funds, ETFs, currencies, credit ratings, and commodities. The long time standout SNL news has combined with the S&P Global Market Intelligence database of aftermarket, proprietary, and aggregated sell side research.

The service particularly emphasizes a substantial variety of data which is focused on particular sectors. This includes information on markets, financials, demographics, and peers. News particular to each of the sectors offers a greatest possible level of insight to provide a full picture of the industry in question. The sectors covered include all of the following: banking and financial services, energy, metals and mining, insurance, real estate, and media and communications.

The service also delivers analysis which is specific to given sectors. This is more than simply broker reports and basic level financials. It provides important metrics and in depth ratios which matter for the relevant industry in question. There are also competent analyses, sector specific projections, and research available.

Commentary and research is a key feature of the information provided. There are info graphics, research papers, and webinars specific to the various sectors which are delivered by the company’s experts. Clients are able to examine company rankings for their sectors, to build their knowledge base, and to take advantage of in person and online training seminars which are offered.

Finally, S&P Global Market Intelligence offers full service consulting and reporting capabilities. Users are able to construct models which are specifically tailored to their own workflows and needs. They can also rely on the consulting services provided by the company itself for help with custom studies, expert valuations, white papers, and other needs.

The service is the winner of numerous awards and accolades. For 2016, it received the nod for the “Best Contemporary Data Provider” of 2016. Its Alpha Factor Library won the “Best Specialist Product” award. In 2015 it garnered the accolade for “Best Performance Measurement and Attribution System Provider” for the year. SNL was also named one of the “Fastest Growing 2015 Private Companies.” Ironically this was also the last year of the company’s existence as a private, stand-alone outfit.

It was first acquired by McGraw Hill Financial in 2015 before merging with S&P Global Markets. The resulting new entity bears the name of S&P Global Market Intelligence. This organization now brings its clients the most specific, comprehensive, and dependable sector-based financial information in the entire data industry.

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