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UBS is one of the major Swiss and international banking giants. The group is a global firm that has its headquarters in both Zurich and Basel. The bank offers a variety of financial services to corporate, private, and institutional customers. The bank recently celebrated its 150 year anniversary in 2012.

The UBS Group has a presence in every major financial center of the world. They maintain offices in more than fifty different nations. The bank employs around 60,000 individuals in these global locations. Around a third of the bank staff work in the Americas. Switzerland is home to 35% of its employees. Eighteen percent of them work in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, while 13% of the group’s staff are located in Asia Pacific.

In 150 years time, UBS has merged with and acquired in excess of 300 different banks. The long history of the bank helps to explain why it has evolved into a gold standard in the international banking sector and remains a cornerstone of the legendary tradition of Swiss banking.

In Switzerland today, the country operates approximately 300 branches and maintains 4,500 employees. They serve one out of three households and reach 80% of all Swiss wealth. The bank also provides accounts and services to 120,000 companies and 80% of the banks that call Switzerland their home market.

The bank prides itself on the financial products and services it delivers to its corporate, wealthy, and institutional clients around the globe and to Switzerland. Besides its Corporate Center, the bank operates in five principle divisions. These are Wealth Management, Wealth Management Americas, Asset Management, Personal and Corporate Banking, and the Investment Bank. They focus all of their endeavors in the business areas in which they excel. Because of this, they have significant and competitive positions in each of their markets.

The UBS Wealth Management business offers advice to the bank’s global wealthy clients besides those in its Americas’ group. The group offers its clients many solutions. These include investment management, wealth planning, lending and banking services, advice for corporate finance, and special offerings.

Among the foremost wealth managers in the Americas is the group’s Wealth Management Americas. They measure this based on the invested assets and productivity of their financial advisors. The sub-divisions include Canadian Wealth Management and U.S. Wealth Management businesses along with any international business that books within the United States. This business serves high net worth and ultra high net worth clients.

The UBS Asset Management operates in 22 different nations. It provides a range of investment styles and capabilities in both traditional and alternative classes of assets. These provide these offerings to global wealth management customers, wholesale intermediaries, and institutions. This group is the biggest mutual fund manager in Switzerland, a foremost European fund house, Asia’s biggest international asset manager, and among the biggest managers of real estate on earth.

The UBS Personal and Corporate Banking business delivers a wide host of financial services and products to the institutional, corporate, and private customers who reside in Switzerland. It is a leader in this market. This business is key to their universal bank model in the country. It refers its clients to the Wealth Management business after it helps them to reach a certain level of assets.

The group’s investment bank delivers services to its institutional, corporate, and wealth management customers. It offers them creative solutions, expert and professional advice, competitive execution, and all inclusive access to the world’s global capital markets.

In 2015, the group boasted revenues of 30.6 billion Swiss francs and operating profit of 5.5 billion Swiss francs.

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