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UniCredit turns out to be the largest Italian based bank and one of the biggest banks in the continent. This banking group is a major player throughout Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. As a leading commercial European bank, it operates in 17 different nations and maintains over 143,000 employees. The bank counts on its retail network of more than 7,500 branches as well as an international network that covers 50 different markets. This group’s commanding position in Western, Eastern, and Central Europe helps them to have what is among the highest market shares in the region.

UniCredit is also unique in its commitment to keeping the local brands of the banks that they combined with when they formed their banking group. This is evident in such names for its banks in other countries as UniCredit Bulbank. Here the group merged the Bulgarian market leader Bulbank brand with its own name. They believe that their local brands are extremely valuable and worth preserving when they acquire them.

The banking group is headquarter registered in Rome while its general management offices are in the Italian commercial center of Milan. UniCredit’s principle markets are Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, southern Germany, Russia, and Poland. They have divisions for investment banking internationally in such markets as London, New York, Hong Kong, Munich, Milan, Budapest, Vienna, and Warsaw.

This banking group concept is a fairly recent construct. It originated from the merger of a number of Italian banks back in 1998. The biggest of these were Unicredito from Verona, Turin, and Treviso and Credito Italiano that included Banca Popolare di Rieti and Rolo Banca. The new group initially went by the name Unicredito Italiano before this was changed to its present form. From 1998 to 2000, the group acquired four other significant Italian banks. In 1999, the bank created a new subsidiary named for the original component Credito Italiano.

This international bank is run as several different divisions. These include the CIB, CEE, and national divisions for Italy, Germany, Austria, and Poland. CIB has the responsibility of Global Division for the group. It handles multinational clients and large corporate clients. These have the potential needs for products in investment banking. CIB also carries the responsibility for the Financial and Institutional Groups clients, for the Global Transaction Banking, for the International Activities, and for the Global Financing and Advisory businesses.

The CEE division helps to coordinate the various activities of UniCredit in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Its main goal is to bring them into a unified and comprehensive vision for the region. Under this division, the various national businesses besides Germany, Austria, and Poland operate. This includes the bank subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Russia.

The Italian division handles many different business located in Italy under its leadership responsibilities. These client segments include First, Business First, Family, Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Asset Gathering, and Public Sector. The Italian division breaks down into seven geographical regions, a Real Estate Network, and a Private Bank Network.

Each of the main national divisions has its own head that reports directly to the Deputy General Manager. These include the core markets of Austria, Germany, Poland, and the CEE. The banking group is a complicated organizational structure that somehow works together to form one of the largest banks in Europe and internationally.

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