Financial Words Starting with K
Keating Five
The Keating Five refers to a corruption scandal of 1989. At the time, five important United States Senators were accused of corruption related to the Savings and Loan crisis in 1989. This political scandal came to represent all that Americans found (and still today find) wrong with their nationally elected congressional representatives. The five senators implicated as part of this [...]
Keogh Plan
Keogh Plans are like 401(k) plans intended for small businesses. They are distinguished from them by having higher limits than the 401(k)s do. These tax deferred pension plans can be established by businesses that are not incorporated or individuals who are self employed. These types of plans can be one of three types. There are money purchase plans preferred by [...]
Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
Key Performance Indicators are measurements that aid companies and other organizations in assessing the progress they are making towards their key goals. It is important for any organization to start out by deciding on its mission and determining its goals. Once they have done this effectively, they can decide on the best means of measuring their incremental progress to reaching [...]
Keynesian Economics
Keynesian economics represents a system of economic ideas that the British economist John Maynard Keynes developed in the first half of the twentieth century. Keynes became best known for his easy to understand and straight forward arguments for the underlying causes of the Great Depression. His theories of economics found their basis in the concept of the circular flows of [...]
The Krugerrand refers to the bestselling gold bullion coin of all time, which is produced by and was developed in the Republic of South Africa. This grandfather of the modern gold bullion coin phenomenon was first struck in 1967 in an effort to help market gold produced by the South African republic via its South African Mint. It became so [...]