Financial Words Starting with Q
Quantitative Easing
Quantitative easing is the policy where the government purchases bonds and financial instruments by printing money in order to stimulate the economy. Quantitative easing proves to be a monetary policy that the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world utilize in order to grow the money supply. They do this by boosting the cash reserves in the banking [...]
Quantitative Research
Quantitative Research refers to methods of performing research in social sciences (and natural sciences) such as economics, sociology, and education. It stands out in contrast to its opposite form of research called qualitative methodology. Many individuals have a certain image in mind when they contemplate quantitative methods. This usually involves concepts of numbers, percentages, and statistics. People also typically assume [...]
Quantitative Risk Management (QRM)
Quantitative Risk Management represents the discipline which deals with the ability of an organization to quantify and manage its risk. This scientific approach to business is becoming increasingly critical in today’s world as organizations need to satisfy stakeholders who demand it. Government regulators similarly insist on clarity within organizations now, especially regarding the amount of capital financial institutions are holding. [...]
Quota Effects
Quota Effects refer to the economic consequences of a government body imposing an import quota in a national economy. Such import quotas are the legal limitations on the quantities of specific imports that companies are allowed to bring into a given nation. As an example, the United Kingdom might decide to restrict the quantities of Japanese cars that may be [...]