Financial Words Starting with T
A takeover is a corporate event where a company chooses to acquire another firm in an effort to gain full control over the target firm in question. They often do this by buying a majority percentage of the firm’s outstanding shares. If such a move is successful, the company which is acquiring the target obtains control over and responsibility for [...]
Tariff Programs
Tariff programs are tariff regimes that apply to imports. Tariffs prove to be taxes that governments put on goods that are imported. Every nation has its own tariff programs and amounts. There are five principle tariff types in any tariff program. These are revenue, specific, ad valorem, protective, and prohibitive. Revenue types of tariffs are those that boost government revenues. [...]
Tax Abatement
Tax abatement represents a taxation level reduction. It can be for either individual consumers or companies. There are many examples of this type of tax break. They could be in the form of a rebate, reduction in tax penalties, or an actual tax decrease. Sometimes people or firms pay too many taxes or get a tax bill that is higher [...]
Tax Accountant
Tax accountants are professionals who help clients with finances. One of their main tasks is to prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses. They complete taxes for local, state, and federal levels. These agents can do this because they have great knowledge of governmental regulations and business rules. The Internal Revenue Service established tax accounting with the section Title 26 [...]
Tax Bracket
A tax bracket refers to a certain income range against which the government levies a specific income tax rate. With the majority of income taxing systems in the world today, lower incomes fall under lower income rates tax brackets. At the same time, higher incomes are taxed at greater rates. The idea behind such brackets is to ensure that a [...]
Tax Credits
Tax credits refer to different sums of money which taxpayers may deduct from their total tax bill that they owe the federal, state, or local government. The amount of a given tax credit will naturally depend on the type of credit involved. Some kinds of credits accrue to businesses or individuals who operate (or live) in particular locales, industry segments, [...]
Tax Deductions
Tax Deductions prove to be a legal method for reducing income which the taxing authorities consider to be taxable. They typically arise because of expenses, especially such costs as taxpayers or businesses experience in the course of producing income or earning profits. This differs from exemptions and credits as both exemptions and deductions actually reduce the amount of income which [...]
Tax Evasion
Tax Evasion refers to the illegal actions undertaken by an individual, company, or other organization on an often international scale to get out of paying their fair tax burden in their home tax jurisdiction. Individuals who get caught evading their taxes often suffer from criminal charges and penalties that can even include several years in real and served out jail [...]
Tax Exempt Income
Tax Exempt Status means that certain transactions or earnings in the form of income will not be taxed at either the local, state, or even federal, (or a happy combination of all three) level. As taxpayers earn their income or sell some of their assets to realize a gain before the end of a given tax year, then they create [...]
Tax Exemptions
Tax exemptions are special monetary exemptions that decrease the amount of income which is taxable. This can take the form of full tax exempt status that delivers 100 percent relief from a certain form of taxes, partial tax on certain items, or reduced tax rates and bills. Tax exemption can refer to particular groups such as charitable outfits (who receive [...]
Tax Rates
Tax Rates refer to the percentage of their income that corporations or individuals will have to pay in taxes to their governing authority or authorities. In the United States, this proves to be the percentage rate that both the federal government and many state governments assess against the taxable income of an individual or the earnings of a corporation. In [...]
Tax Refund
A Tax Refund refers to money which the IRS Internal Revenue Service gives back to a tax payer for overpayment of their taxes in a given tax year. For the eight out of ten Americans who receive them most every year, they evoke feelings of wild celebration. The truth of the matter is it simply means that this majority overpaid [...]
Tax Revenue
Tax Revenue refers to money that a government collects. They do this by levying taxes on their own citizens living within their jurisdictions (and living overseas as well in the case of the U.S.). There are many different kinds of taxes collected in the present day and age. Among the most frequently levied taxes are income taxes, property taxes, and [...]
Tax Sheltered Annuities 403(b)
Tax sheltered annuities are retirement savings programs and vehicles that the Internal Revenue Service allows for under the 403(b) section of their tax code. They were created for the benefit of employees who work for churches, educational institutions, and specific not for profit agencies. They offer the advantage of permitting employees who are eligible to participate to contribute nearly all [...]
Tax deferred money and status pertains to earnings on investments. This includes dividends, interest, and capital gains which are allowed to accumulate without taxes paid until the owner withdraws the earnings and gains. The two most popular kinds of these deferred investments are found in IRAs and tax deferred annuities. Growth that is tax deferred permits gains to be compounded [...]
Technical Analysis
Technical analysis is a method for studying markets and stocks in an effort for individuals to make effective price predictions. Investors use it in their attempts to carry out better investment choices and decisions. The opposite idea of technical analysis is known as fundamental analysis. What sets technical analysis apart from other forms of competing analysis is the fact that [...]
Tenure Annuity
A Tenure Annuity is a type of reverse mortgage monthly payment plan. This program delivers cash payments that are consistent to the home owning seniors for an unlimited amount of time until they pass away or move out of the house. The agreement remains in force up to the point that both spouses leave the house that backs the loan. [...]
Term Auction Facility (TAF)
In response to the bank lending freeze that followed the outbreak of the banking and financial crisis in 2007, Ben Bernanke created and launched his Term Auction Facility TAF in December of 2007. The Fed was able to utilize its long mostly dormant discount window from December 2007 through to March 2010 as a creative new means of helping out [...]
Term Deposit
Term Deposit refers to a special type of deposit which individuals or businesses maintain at a bank or other financial institution. These are unique from standard deposits in that they include a fixed term. Such terms are usually shorter-term in nature. Their maturities could vary from a single month to several years or even five years. Term deposits are purchased. [...]
Term Life Insurance
Term life insurance is a form of life insurance. It offers coverage for a preset and limited amount of time that is called the relevant term. The coverage provided is a fixed rate of payment coverage. Once the term expires, the individual’s coverage at the rate of the premiums that were charged before are not assured any more. The client [...]
Term Loans
Term loans refer to those loans a bank makes to a business or corporation for a set amount of time. These loans come with either a floating or a fixed interest rate and a pre-arranged schedule for repayment. There are numerous banks that offer such term loan programs to businesses so that they can access the funds they need for [...]
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters proves to be the biggest international global news agency. The multimedia company offers world news, investing news, technology news, business news, small business news, headline news, news alerts, stock market and mutual funds information and quotes, and personal finance news. All of this information is delivered on the company website, and via their mobile, video, and interactive [...]
Thrift Savings Plan
The Thrift Savings Plan represents a government created retirement savings vehicle. In 1986, Congress passed the Federal Employee Retirement System Act. This plan was established for the benefit of retired or present employees in the civil service of the federal government. In 2001, Congress expanded the TSP so that it would include the members of the armed forces with the [...]
Title Deed
Title deeds are a form of legal documents. They are utilized to demonstrate that a person owns a certain property. Title deeds are used most often to provide proof of home or vehicle ownership. Title deeds might also be given out on other kinds of property. Title deeds give owners privileges and legal rights. To transfer a property’s ownership to [...]
Too Big To Fail
Too Big To Fail refers to the disturbing but proven concept that some businesses have become so enormous and systemically important that the jurisdictional government has no choice but to save them from failing with whatever means necessary. The governments feel they must deliver material assistance to the firms in order to prevent a catastrophic rogue wave effect from reverberating [...]
Total Public Debt
Total public debt refers to all of the national debt which the United States owes to its various creditors and other agencies within the government to whom it owes money. This amount grows in years where there are deficits as the government spends more funds than it receives in taxes. The aggregate national debt shrinks in surplus years as the [...]
Toxic Assets
Toxic Assets is a coined phrase for those financial assets which saw their actual value plummet. Toxic assets do not have well working markets anymore, making them difficult or impossible to sell for a price on which the owner will agree. The term arose as a popularly coined phrase during the financial crisis of 2007-2010. Toxic assets proved to have [...]
Trade Agreement
A Trade Agreement refers to a contract agreed upon and signed into force of law. These are made between two (or sometimes more) different countries regarding their trading relationship. It is entirely possible for such agreements to be either multilateral or merely bilateral. Multilateral trade agreements are those which exist with more than two nations. In the majority of cases, [...]
Trade Associations
Trade Associations refer to those groups which offer a means for businesses in a certain industry or segment to interact in a way that benefits all parties concerned. Such an organization will be funded by member company contributions. These associations typically work to promote the industry’s image to the public. It might also deliver a single voice in the form [...]
Trade Balance
Trade balances are used to describe the difference between the value of goods and services that are exported versus those that are imported into a country. Countries might have positive trade balances, where they export a greater value than they import. They might also have negative trade balances, or trade deficits, when they import a larger value of goods and [...]
Trade Barriers
Trade barriers are those restrictions to free international and bilateral trade which governments throw up in an effort to protect domestic industries and businesses. These government created restrictions often take a number of different forms. Among them are tariffs, import quotas, import licenses, subsidies, embargoes, voluntary export restraints, local product requirements, currency devaluations, and outright trade restrictions. Whatever forms the [...]
Trade Credit
Trade credit refers to special financing terms which are many times given to a business by a supplier. This situation arises when a business buys supplies or goods and the financial officer or owner of the vendor agrees to provide either all or half of the purchased order on credit. In the case of half on credit, the balance half [...]
Trade Deficit
Trade deficits are unfavorable balances of trade. With a trade deficit, a greater valued amount of goods and services are being imported than are simultaneously being exported. This stands in contrast to trade surpluses that occur when a larger amount of goods and services are exported by a nation than are imported in return. Trade deficits are also called trade [...]
Trade Misinvoicing
Trade misinvoicing, or simply misinvoicing, refers to a means of illegally moving large amounts of money over national borders via misreporting or misrepresenting the total value of a given commercial transaction exchange. This sleight of hand form of money laundering which is trade based is actually done using an incorrectly filled out invoice which the perpetrators submit to customs. Of [...]
Trade Union
A Trade Union refers to labor unions in the United States and Canada. These organizations work through senior leadership to strike deals with the employers for the benefit of the members to negotiate labor contracts via the process of collective bargaining with the employer. While there are a variety of purposes for such associations, the most important one centers on [...]
Trade War
A trade war is a potential worst case result of protectionism. This serious sounding series of events unfolds when the first country erects tariffs on the second country as a response to the second country placing their own tariffs on the first country’s imports. Such trade wars can erupt if one nation believes the other nation’s trading policies to be [...]
Trader describes any person who participates in selling and buying financial assets on any of the global financial markets. These individuals might do this on their own behalf or instead on that of an institution or another individual. Some people have the tendency to confuse the titles trader and investor. The primary difference between the two pertains to the amount [...]
Trading Blocks
Trading Blocks are pacts between various countries typically having a common geographical area. They form them for protections against non-member nations’ imports. These trading agreements are also a type of economic integration that has more and more impacted the global trade patterns and trends. A few different kinds of trading groups like these exist today. Preferential Trade Areas are the [...]
Traditional IRA
The Traditional IRA is the most common type of the various individual retirement accounts available to savers for retirement. Besides this type of IRA, there are also SEP IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Self Directed IRAs. Each of these types of accounts has at least a few features in common with the original and still most popular plain IRA. These accounts [...]
Tranches refer to a French word that means a portion or a slice. In the world of investing, it relates to securities which may be subdivided into tinier parts and then sold off to various interested investors. These securities typically represent structured financing. Every part of the tranche is a portion of a few correlated securities that specific banks called [...]
Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
The Trans Pacific Partnership TPP represents a trade agreement that has been put together by twelve countries with borders on the Pacific Rim. Participants signed the final version of the deal in Auckland, New Zealand on February 4, 2016. This signing culminated the end of seven long years of negotiating the treaty. In order to enter into effect, the treaty [...]
Trans Union
Trans Union turns out to be one of the three main credit reporting bureaus and information management services that are based in the United States. It delivers these services to around 500 million individual consumers and 45,000 distinct companies found throughout the globe in a significant 33 different countries. This makes it the third biggest credit bureau in the U.S. [...]
Transaction Fee
Transaction Fee describes a cost that companies have to pay every time they process a debit card or credit card transaction. These can also be called per transaction fees. Such fees range typically from .5 percent to five percent of the full transaction amount plus another .20 to .30 handling fee per transaction. Every merchant service provider assesses its own [...]
Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP)
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership represents a U.S. and European agreement for mutual trade and investment. In essence it is a free trade deal that the two economic superpowers are working to ratify. The two parties began the initiative in the June of 2013 G8 meeting. U.S. President Obama, European Commission President Barroso, and European Union Council President Van [...]
Transfer of Interest
A Transfer of Interest refers to an individual, business, or other organization choosing to transfer over its ownership in an asset or object. This could be a business entity, piece of Real Estate, or asset that the owner shifts to another party. Most commonly the term becomes utilized regarding the transferring of an entity’s ownership of an interest in a [...]
Treasuries refer to United States Treasury Securities. These Treasuries are United States government debt that is actually issued and sold by the Department of the Treasury via the Bureau of Public Debt. The U.S. government uses its Treasury securities to finance the enormous and rising debt of the Federal government. In common and investor vernacular, these treasury securities are commonly [...]
Treasury Bills
Treasury Bills prove to be among the largest category of United States issued Treasuries. They are also called T-Bills for short. Treasury Bills have maturities of a year or less. They never pay investors interest before they mature, making them somewhat like zero coupon bonds. The government instead sells Treasury Bills at a face value discount, which causes there to [...]
Treasury Bonds
Treasury Bonds are also called T-Bonds. These financial instruments prove to be government debt issued by the United States federal government at a fixed rate of interest. Such debt securities come with maturity dates of longer than 10 years. The T-bonds offer interest payments twice per year. Because they are federal debt instruments, their earned income may only be taxed [...]
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) are a unique and useful form of Treasury issued securities. What makes them special is their expressed and close linkage to inflation levels in their coupon payments. They are set up this way to safeguard investors from the interest destroying impacts of inflation. TIPS prove to be lower risk investments because they enjoy the expressed [...]
Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)
The Troubled Asset Relief Program is also known by its clever acronym the TARP. This represented a series of national relief programs which the United States Treasury Department developed and administered. They did this to attempt to restore stability to the American financial system, to rebuild economic stability and growth, and to forestall housing foreclosures after the 2008 Global Financial [...]
A Trust proves to be a special type of fiduciary arrangement where one participant the trustor grants the other participant the trustee the rights to possess the property title or assets title for the advantages of the beneficiary, often times a third party. When it is utilized in the world of finance, this similarly refers to a kind of closed [...]
Trust Account
A trust account refers to a type of account which a trustee holds on the behalf of the beneficiary. The trustee does not have the ability to utilize the funds in any personal capacity, but merely to safe keep, disburse, and invest them for the advantage of the beneficiary. An example of this type of arrangement is when an attorney [...]
Trust Fund
A trust fund proves to be a specific kind of legal entity. It contains property or cash which it holds to benefit another group, individual, or organization. Numerous different kinds of trusts exist. They are governed by almost as many provisions that determine how they work. Every trust fund involves three critical parties. These are the grantor, the beneficiary, and [...]
Trustee refers to either a firm or an individual who possesses assets or real estate property on behalf of a third party individual, group, or organization. Trustees are often appointed to perform a great range of functions. These could be for charities, bankruptcies, trust funds, pension plans, or retirement plans. As the name implies, these individuals or firms are entrusted [...]
Trustee Savings Bank (TSB)
Trustee Savings Bank refers to a now defunct type of British financial institution. It is also known by its acronym TSB. These banks began as savings deposit institutions for those who had only meager financial means. The shares of these banks were not stock market exchange traded. Rather they were something like the mutually owned building societies of Great Britain. [...]
Tulip Mania
Tulip Mania refers to the very first recorded massive financial bubble in the world. In what today sounds like a crazy fascination, the Dutch people became obsessed with the unusual flowers in the 1600s. Over a period of several years, practically everyone got in on the craze of purchasing these flowers’ bulbs for every increasingly higher prices. They reached a [...]
Turtle Trading System
The Turtle Trading System proved to be a classic system that followed trends. It works by trading on breakouts much like those used in the Donchian Dual Channel System. In this particular method of trading, two breakout figures are important. The first is a longer 55 day channel breakout point to enter the trade.The second one is a shorter 20 [...]
Tyco International Scandal
The Tyco International scandal refers to the 2002 theft by former company CEO and Chairman Dennis Kozlowski and former corporate Chief Financial Officer Mark Swartz of as much as $600 million from the firm. The scandal turned into a long, drawn out trial as the two accused men vigorously denied any wrongdoing and fought the charges vehemently. In their march [...]