Financial Words Starting with Z
Zero Balance Account (ZBA)
The zero balance account, also known by its acronym ZBA, refers to the type of checking account which maintains a permanent balance of zero. The account does this through an automatic transfer of funds out of a master account. The amount which transfers over only proves to be sufficient enough to cover any and all checks which other financial institutions [...]
Zombie Banks
Zombie banks prove to be financial institutions that in reality have literal economic net worths of less than zero. They still keep running because they are able to continue paying their debts using government’s real or implied support for their credit and balance sheet. Although this term has come to be heavily used in the financial crises of 2007 to [...]
Zoning Laws
Zoning laws are statutes that mandate the ways that you are able to utilize your property holdings. Townships, counties, cities, and alternative local governments affect zoning laws so that they are able to create standards for development that benefit all residents in common. It does not matter how big or how small a property is; it will be impacted by [...]