What is Barron’s?

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Barron’s refers to the weekly American-based newspaper that the Dow Jones & Company has published since 1921. It was then that the founder Clarence Barron launched the popular feature of American business which to this day still covers American market developments, financial information, and applicable supporting statistics. Every weekly issue delivers both an effective summary of the past week’s stock and financial markets’ activities alongside news reports and outlooks for the financial week ahead.

The publication is arranged according to two different sections. In the “Market Week” section appears all of the prior week’s market coverage. “The Wrap” features outlook and analyses columns from various staff reporters and writers.

Barron’s takes enormous pride in the fact that it has provided market trumping investment advice and company stock recommendations for nearly a century now. They have moved the stock markets of individual stocks with well-argued, meticulously researched, painstakingly documented stories on numerous occasions over the decades. Today they expand this heritage to cover a wider range of distribution channels across all relevant formats of both print and digital editions.

The readership of Barron’s is especially interesting to understand. These are typically accredited or at least sophisticated investors who take an active role in managing their own investments. Many of them are also wealth management and financial advisors. They enjoy Barron’s because of the prescient insights it offers into a broad and deep class of assets and vehicles, for its effective analysis concerning the worldwide markets, and for its picking out trends of standout companies within the industry as well as in the business of professional wealth management. In Barron’s they find a prestigious financial publication with a long-standing tradition of covering all markets objectively in order to shine a spotlight on value through a substantial variety of differing asset classes around both the United States and the world.

The average reader of Barron’s enjoys an average household net worth of $4,076,000 and an average annual income of $325,000. Their average household investments total $3,622,000. Fully 27 percent of the readers are members of corporate boards of directors. Twenty-six percent of them hold some sort of corporate level title.

These readers are especially loyal and almost fanatically devoted to the ideas found in the weekly financial publication as well. The average reader invests an impressive two hours and nine minutes in reading the publication each week. Fully 99 percent of them claim to engage in a specific action as a result of reading the publication. This makes sense as at least 30 percent of the readership claim to be financial advisors on teams whose assets under management amount to an incredible average of at least $983 million.

Barron’s includes several popular special features. Two of these are their annual Roundtable and the annual Special Report Best Online Brokers. Among their featured well-regarded investors are Bill Gross, Abby Joseph Cohen, Marc Faber, Mario Gabelli, and Felix Zulauf. The Best Online Brokers report includes a ranking of the best online trading brokerage firms. Barron’s judges this by the criteria such as Usability, Trading Experience and Technology, Range of Offerings, Mobile Utility, Research Amenities, Portfolio Analysis & Report, Costs, and Customer Service and Education.

Barron’s can truthfully claim to have been a Dow Jones & Company publication all the way back in 1921. It was originally named after Clarence W. Barron. He proved to be among the most important figures in the history of the illustrious and storied company Dow Jones. He is universally regarded as the single-handed modern financial journalism founder. The company also publishes its other banner publication on a six days per week basis in the form of the Wall Street Journal.

Barron’s takes justifiable pride in its many firsts. The publication introduced issue color beginning in May of 1990 and went to full color format in January of 1996. They rolled out their popular two section edition of the paper starting March 7th of 1994. It went online officially as Barrons.com under the WSJ.com master page in 1996 and became a standalone online product in January of 2006. The firm organized its very first Financial Advisor conference back in 2005.

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