Who is Credit Suisse?

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Credit Suisse is a leading global Swiss-based banking giant whose history stretches back to 1856. Their global reach is supported by operations in more than 50 different countries. This banking group maintains over 48,000 employees who hail from more than 150 different countries around the globe. Their broad international reach allows the bank to create a well-balanced revenue stream geographically and helps them to engage in significant opportunities for growth throughout the globe.

Credit Suisse serves its international clientele in three divisions which are regionally focused. These are the Swiss Universal Bank, the International Wealth Management, and the Asia Pacific divisions. The three principle divisions receive support from Global Markets and Investment Banking & Capital Markets support divisions.

The Swiss Universal Bank focuses on the home country market of Switzerland. Here Credit Suisse delivers a significant variety of financial products and services to corporate, private, and institutional clients residing generally in Switzerland. The Private Banking business here is one of the leading brands in the country.

More than 1.6 million individuals or entities count themselves as customers of this business of the bank. This includes not only regular retail clients, but also affluent and ultra high net worth individuals (HNWI). Included in this division is their Bank-now consumer finance business. This division also provides top of the line service, technology, and platform support for asset managers throughout Switzerland. The bank within Switzerland is comprised of 184 branches and 1,570 relationship managers. Included in this is their affiliate bank Neue Aargauer Bank.

The Swiss Universal Bank division also has the Corporate and Institutional Banking business. It provides best in class services and advice to over 100,000 corporations, businesses, financial institutions, and commodity traders. Included in this business is their Swiss investment banking business. This division comprises 48 different locations and 490 relationship managers.

The second Credit Suisse division is the bank’s International Wealth Management. Here they take care of international institutional, corporate, and private clients by offering them expert advice and a wide variety of financial products and services. The Private Banking business helps wealthy individual clients and outside asset managers throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The bank maintains 46 locations and 1,200 relationship managers. Besides their own products, they also represent a number of third party services and products. The Asset Management business provides investment products and services worldwide to governments, pension funds, endowments, foundations, individuals, and corporations. This business concentrates on both traditional as well as alternative asset allocations and strategies.

The third Credit Suisse division is the group’s Asia Pacific group. Here they focus on providing financial services and products to their high net worth and ultra high net worth individual clients, as well as corporate, entrepreneur, and institutional customers. The group offers its clients integrated access and support to the wider financial markets, specific financing solutions, and numerous products.

Within this division, the Private Banking business offers tailored products and services that include digital access to the private banking services. They maintain 13 locations throughout 7 countries and 590 relationship managers within them. The Investment Banking business in this division advises their important clients on merger and acquisition deals, on takeover defense strategies and divestitures. Also on corporate restructuring and sales, and offers debt and equity underwriting services to institutions and individual and business clients.

Besides this, the Investment Banking business covers trading and sales of both equities and fixed income instruments and offers a variety of derivatives, equity and debt securities, and opportunities for financing for its sovereign, corporate, and institutional customers.

Credit Suisse’s core strengths remain its leading worldwide reputation and presence as a wealth manger, its impressive market share in home country Switzerland, and its particular skills and abilities in investment banking.

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The term 'Credit Suisse' is included in the Trading edition of the Herold Financial Dictionary, which you can get from Amazon in Ebook or Paperback edition.