Who is Deutsche Bank?

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Deutsche Bank is the leading German bank in the world. It commands a substantial market share in Germany, a strong place in European banking, and an important presence in both the Asia Pacific and Americas regions.

The group has grown from its founding in Berlin, Germany in 1870 to encompass strong operating bases in all of the major developed and emerging markets. This gives them a solid prospect for business expansion in the world’s rapidly growing markets, comprising Lain America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. Their important position in Europe provides the bank with a solid foundation from which to benefit not only from the resilient economic conditions in native market Germany, but also from rebounding strong corporate activity levels throughout the euro zone.

From Deutsche Bank’s first international foray into Asia in 1872 on, the bank has always looked abroad for opportunities to expand. This has carried it into more than 70 nations around the world today. Of its 2,790 total branches, 1,827 are located in Germany and another 963 are found in other countries and markets beyond the bank’s home base. With the ongoing theme of continuous globalization in the international economy dominating, this puts the banking group in a strong position. It has more than adequate diversification throughout different regions of the world and significant revenue streams coming in from all the major areas around the globe.

Deutsche Bank offers practical banking solutions and services to private individuals, medium and small businesses, corporations, institutional investors, and governments. They operate a number of businesses specifically focused on the needs of these client bases.

The Corporate Finance Business group takes responsibility for M&A merger and acquisition activities. This includes equity and debt issues, advisory services, and coverage of capital markets for medium to large corporations. They deliver this complete range of financial services and products to the business clients via industry- and regional- specific teams. A subdivision of this is the CIB Corporate & Investment Banking business. It combines the expertise of Deutsche Bank’s corporate finance, commercial banking, and transaction banking under the direction of a single unified leadership team. It is made up of both the Corporate Finance and Global Transaction Banking businesses.

The Deutsche Bank Private & Business Clients Corporate business offers in branch financial and banking services to self employed entrepreneurs, private clients, and medium to small businesses on an international scale.

The bank’s Wealth Management business provides high quality and extremely personalized services to the ultra high and high net worth families and individuals along with certain institutions. These particular clients receive a complete package of wealth management services, philanthropic activity advisory services, and inheritance planning advice.

The Asset Management business at Deutsche Bank delivers investment and mutual fund services and products to its retail clients around the world. The bank brands this franchise as the DWS Investments group. It also provides institutional clients of the bank like insurance companies and pension funds with a wide variety of services and products that range from traditional to alternative investments. Among these products and services are the DWS Funds, Deutsch Insurance Asset Management, DB Advisors Institutional Asset Management, and RREEF Real Estate Investment Management.

Deutsche Bank also operates a large and important Asia Pacific division of the bank. The company’s history in Asia traces back to the first branches they opened in Shanghai, China and Yokohama, Japan which it founded in 1872. Nowadays the operation is quite a bit larger. The group maintains office presences in 16 national markets and employs 16,000 staff in Asia Pacific. The bank’s Asia Pacific division headquarters are located in Singapore.

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The term 'Deutsche Bank' is included in the Trading edition of the Herold Financial Dictionary, which you can get from Amazon in Ebook or Paperback edition.