Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

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Robert Kiyosaki is the internationally acclaimed best selling author of the wildly successful book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This book is considered to be the bestselling financial self help book of all time. It held a top place on the gold standard of publishing the New York Times bestseller list for more than six years.

Fourth generation Japanese American and Hawaiian-born Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki is not only a successful writer, he is an entrepreneur, investor, and educator. His unique take on investing and money often goes against the standards of conventionally accepted ideology. Almost by himself, he has managed to alter the ways in which literally tens of millions of individuals living in many countries throughout the globe think about investments and money.

The recommendations of Robert Kiyosaki go against the old standards of financial advice. These were to obtain a high paying job, save up money, reduce and eliminate debts, buy a house as a primary asset, invest over the longer term horizon, and diversify all your assets. Kiyosaki has repeatedly called out these notions as both flawed and outdated. This has helped him to gain the reputation for no-nonsense direct talk, fearless courage, and even irreverent humor.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad now holds the enviable record for being the longest lasting best selling book on each of the four lists which report in to Publisher’s Weekly. These include the New York Times, Business Week, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. National newspaper USA Today has honored the work with their “USA Today’s Number 1 Money Book” for two consecutive years. Besides this, the book has become the third longest lasting on the best seller’s list “how to” genre ever.

Now the book has been translated into a staggering 51 different languages. It is available for sale in 109 countries of the world. Rich Dad’s series of books sold more than 27 million copies throughout the world. It continues to dominate the best selling lists around Europe, Asia, Australia, Mexico, and South America, where it did for years in the United States and Canada.

Amazon honored Robert Kiyosaki back in 2005 by inducting him into their individual Hall of Fame. He gained the coveted spot of one of their Top 25 Bestselling Authors of all time. The Rich Dad series of books counts 26 different books within it. One of the more unique books in the series is the co-authored with President Donald Trump Why We Want You to Be Rich – Two Men – One Message. Naturally this debuted its first week as number one on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Robert Kiyosaki also pens an every other week column for Yahoo! Finance entitled, “Why the Rich Are Getting Richer.” He writes a once per month column called “Rich Returns” on behalf of Entrepreneur magazine. Before he wrote his now legendary first book and the series, he had developed the educational board game called “CASHFLOW 101.” The goal with this endeavor was to instruct people on the investment and financial strategies which his own rich dad had invested years of his life in teaching Robert.

These exact strategies in the board game helped Robert Kiyosaki to retire officially by age 47. Thanks to this track record and his enormous fame, today over 2,100 CASHFLOW Clubs exist. These are fully independent gaming groups that have no connection with Robert’s Rich Dad Company. These can be found around the globe.

Besides all of these accomplishments, Robert Kiyosaki started an international educational firm back in 1985 to teach others investing and business. This company has now instructed literally tens of thousands of individual students around the globe. Kiyosaki sold the business, wisely invested the proceeds, and successfully retired then at 47. In the brief retirement, he wrote his life’s magnum opus Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

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The term 'Robert Kiyosaki' is included in the Investments edition of the Herold Financial Dictionary, which you can get from Amazon in Ebook or Paperback edition.