What is Societe Generale?

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Societe Generale is a French banking giant that proves to be among the largest financial services companies in Europe. As of 2015, it boasted 31 million customers living in 66 countries where they have branches. A staff of 146,000 employees works for the bank and comes from 122 different nations. The bank counts 31 million customers that include private individuals, companies, and financial institutions.

The French Societe Generale subscribes to the universal bank model that attempts to offer all types of financial services to its clientele. They base their model on a combination of businesses that serve France and people around the globe. The bank relies on its expertise in its core businesses. These include retail banking, corporate and investment banking, financial services, private banking, insurance, and asset management. Combining all of these businesses, they are able to provide a full complement of financial products and services for the many different needs of their customers.

The French retail banking group operates under three different brands. Societe Generale is their nationally leading bank. Credit du Nord is comprised of a number of different regional banks. Boursorama represents the largest online bank in France. These different bank brands provide for the financial needs of 11 million different individuals and around 810,000 corporate, professional and not for profit customers. This group has a goal to be the leading French bank for safety and customer satisfaction.

Societe Generale also operates a major international retail bank as well as a consumer credit operation. This services more than 32 million customers living in 52 countries. This business adapts the universal bank concept to the needs of the local market.

The group’s Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking is responsible for the investor and institutional client needs. They act as a go between for investors and issuing groups in four key activities. These are financing, investment banking, investor services, and market activities.

Financial services provides offerings under three core businesses. These are the Insurance, Vendor and Equipment Finance, and Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management businesses. They help the group to develop powerful synergies in the dozens of countries where the bank has a presence.

The bank turns out to be among the biggest and most important private banks in the world. Their Private Banking division provides high net worth individuals with various strategies. These include portfolio management, markets and funds wealth management, and asset allocation solutions.

Insurance is an activity the bank carries out through two agencies it owns in France. Sogecap is their life insurance company. It tailors a wide range of insurance offerings for corporate, professional, and individual clients. These include life insurance, personal protection, and retirement savings plans.

Sogessur is their accident insurance and property insurance provider. This company delivers insurance packages for people in categories life insurance, personal accident, car and home insurance, school insurance, and others. The company insurance line operates as a leading provider in 13 different countries. For life insurance it holds a rank as number six in France, number two in the Czech Republic, number four in Morocco, number five in Luxembourg, and number seven in both Russia and Romania.

Asset management includes a range of different securities services and offerings under the Societe Generale Securities Services division. Among these are custody and trustee services, clearing services, liquidity management, retail custody services, asset servicing and fund administration, global issuer services and fund distribution.

They also have a subsidiary group Lyxor Asset Management. This company provides advising and asset management services for all types of asset classes. Lyxor is a leader for transparent, flexible, and creative asset management.

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The term 'Societe Generale' is included in the Investments edition of the Herold Financial Dictionary, which you can get from Amazon in Ebook or Paperback edition.